Welcome! We are so excited to have this program at WHCS. Computer Technology Academy students will use several software applications as they learn necessary skills to be marketable in the 21st Century. They will work toward creating a competitive portfolio and knowledge that will set them apart from their peers. Coding, graphic design, game design and robotics are just a few of these skills that they will gain throughout their time in the Computer Technology Academy.

Digital Photography

We have begun our unit on digital photography. Today we visited a little nearby residence with a farm. Students took photos of each other, the wildlife and, of course, the goats.

We visited the Polk Museum of Art and had a fabulous time seeing a huge variety of digital photography.

Game Design

Come back soon for screen shots of our new games.

Would you like to play a game from last year? Files are compressed. When prompted, unzip file and save to your desktop to play.

ABaker – Created by Aly Baker
Cstarcher – Created by Chris Starcher
hkirkland – Created by Hannah Kirkland
JHarmon – Created by Joshua Harmon
JMoores – Created by Jacob Moores
JRodgers – Created by John Rodgers
Kcollins – Created by Kaleb Collins
MVSmith – Created by Matthew Smith
NRodgers – Created by Nathan Rodgers
rrannow – Created by Ryan Rannow
efoster – Created by Emma Foster

Graphic Design

Currently, students are learning the ins and outs of Adobe Illustrator. This unit encompasses vector design and illustration. Check out their Poly Portraits below. Their portraits are completely made up of polygons!

Students will also use Adobe Photoshop for photo correction, manipulation and restoration. Students will participate in outings and field trips where they will discover God’s beautiful creation through the lens of their camera.


Students will use the Lego Mindstorms EV3 units to learn programming and robotics. They will use a programming language and other tools that will assist them as they build solutions for their robot designs. Algorithmic problem solving is key to help them to individually solve and complete challenges for their robots.