It is only reasonable for a teacher at the school you send your child to be qualified.  All teachers at Winter Haven Christian School Kindergarten through High School must have earned a college degree in their appropriate field and certified through our accreditation agency Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS)

What makes a Winter Haven Christian School teacher different is that they are required to live a life that is consistent with being a true Christ follower.  Any good teacher loves the children they teach.  However, the teachers and staff at Winter Haven Christian School show the love of Christ to their students.  We love our students as we celebrate their successes and pick them up and encourage them as they stumble.  Come to our school and visit our wonderful staff.




Headmaster – Mr. Joseph T. Klein: B.A., SUNY at Buffalo; M.S. Dowling College; Principal Certificate, East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Principal, Elementary  – Mrs. Jeanette Venable: B.S., Freed-Hardeman University; M.Ed., American College of Education.

Principal, Middle School/High School  – Mrs. Jeannette Williams: B.A., Bob Jones University; M.Ed., Southeastern University

Athletic Director – Mr. David Hirdes: Moody Bible Institute B.A.

       Guidance Counselor – Mr. Joshua Williams: B.A., Clearwater Christian College; M.Ed., Southeastern University


Administrative Assistant to the Headmaster – Mrs. Natalie Freeman

Administrative Assistant to the Elementary Principal – Mrs. Amye Meador

       Administrative Assistant to the Middle School/High School Principal – Mrs. Rebecca Bustamante

Financial Services – Mrs. Nancy Wolfe

        Financial Services – Mrs. Amanda Bonilla

Lunch Coordinator – Mrs. Nicole Barnes

Pre-School Faculty:

Pre-K – Mrs. Ann Marie Combs: Polk Community College

Pre-K – Mrs. Shannon Schumaker: A.A. University of Florida; B.S. Warner Southern University

Elementary Faculty:

K5 – Mrs. Lynn Dunbar: B.A., Brock University; E.C.E., Sheridan College.

K5 – Ms. Kimberly Lanz: B.S., Faith Baptist College

1st Grade – Miss Linda Wood: B.S., Milligan College.

1st Grade – Mrs. Irene Lipinski: A.A. Montcalm Community College; B.S. Grand Valley State College

2nd Grade – Mrs. Karen Mathis: A.A., Tallahassee Community College; B.S. University of South Florida.

2nd Grade – Mrs. Nancy Shytle: B.S., West Georgia College.

3rd Grade – Mrs. Edith Henderson: B.S., Florida Memorial University; M.Ed, Rollins College.

3rd Grade – Mrs. Merrie Smith: B.A., Oklahoma Baptist University; M.A. Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary

4th Grade – Mrs. Carlene Riner: B.A., M.A., Morehead State University.

4th Grade – Mrs. Sujette Lunsford: B.S., Columbus State University; M. Ed., Grand Canyon University

5th Grade – Mrs. Joan Merchant: B.A., Auburn University.

5th Grade  – Mr. Joseph Craft: B.S., Ohio University; M.Ed., Southeastern University; Ph.D. Columbia International University

Secondary School Faculty:

 Social Studies – Mrs. Sheri Alcala: B.A., M.A. University of Tennessee.

  Bible,  – Mr. Nathan Smith: B.S., Southeastern Bible College; M. Div., George W. Truett Theological Seminary

  Math – Mr. Jeremy Denton B.S., Southeastern University; M. Ed. Saint Leo University

  Math/Science/Bible – Mr. Kim Harthun: B.S. Concordia College.

   Language Arts/Social Studies – Mrs. Crystal Olewine: B.S., Crown College of Bible.

  Science – Mrs. Milanie Mulford: B.S., Bob Jones University.

  Math – Mr. Randy Padgett: B.A., Bob Jones University

   Social Studies – Mrs. Jeannette Williams: B.A., Bob Jones University.

   Language Arts – Mrs. Marlene Selent: B.A., Warner University; M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi

High School Academy Teaching Staff:

     Agricultural Science – Mrs. Brandi Fountain

     Computer Technology – Mrs. Lana Smith

     Creative Arts – Mrs. Denise Handley

     Leadership – Mr. Joshua Williams

             Criminal Justice – Major Mike Pruitt (lead teacher)

             Performing Arts – Mr. Stephen Osborne

Special and Extended Care Staff:

     Physical Education – Mr. David Hirdes

             Physical Education  – Miss Grace Boggess

     FLVS Coordinator – Mrs. Tiffany Rawles

     Music – Mrs. Crystal Ruyle

     Computer Technology– Mrs. Nadine Howard

     Computer Technology/Computer Academy – Mrs. Lana Smith

     Art Middle School/High School – Mrs. Denise Handley

             Art Elementary – Mrs. Shannon Schumaker

     Librarian – Mrs. Stephanie Moss

     Extended Care Teacher  – Mrs. Tammy Whitehead

     Extended Care Teacher – Miss Grace Boggess

     Extended Care Teacher and Coordinator  – Mrs. Ann Marie Combs